Listed below are some of our activities. We hope you can join us!

  • Morning Worship

    Morning Worship

    When: Sunday Mornings from 11:00-12:00

    Where: Church

    This is a gathering of praise to our God. Currently, we are examining the Gospel of Mark.

    Our weekly bulletin highlights the elements of this gathering.

    View the Sermon archive for audio and sermon notes.

  • Prayer Meeting

    Prayer Meeting

    When: Wednesday Evenings from 7:00-7:45

    Where: Church

    The Bible teaches us to pray thankfully, sincerely, fervently, and often. That is why every week prayer is lifted up for the needs of the people of the church, family members, friends, community leaders, military, and our nation.

  • Sunday School

    Sunday SchoolWhen: Sunday Mornings from 9:45-10:45

    Where: Church

    Children are learning how to apply the lessons of the Bible (Genesis - Revelation) to their lives using the Show Me Jesus curriculum by Great Commission Publishing (GCP). Teens are learning how to face topics they are confronted with from a Biblical prospective. Adults are learning how to be Godly in whatever role they find themselves.

  • Women's Bible Study

    Women's Bible Study

     When: Wednesday Evenings from 7:00-7:45

    Where: Church

    This is time women can grow closer to God, while fellow-shipping with other women. It's a place to give and get encouragement and advice and get to know each other. And of course, have a few laughs along the journey. The group is currently going through the book "Lazarus Awakening: Finding Your Place in the Heart of God" by Joanna Weaver.

  • Youth Group

    Youth & Young Adult GroupWhen: Wednesday Evenings 7:00-8:30

    Where: Church

    On the first Friday of every month teens gather for games, and Biblical study. Some of their favorites are dodgeball and Skillet. The Bible time is normally topical but the group has also gone through series like "To Save a Life - Making it Real" and "Demolishing Strongholds" by Answers in Genesis.

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