The Camden Bible Fellowship church is part of the Bible Fellowship Church (BFC) denomination. We are one of over 60 churches in seven U.S. states, and one in Mexico. The goal of the Bible Fellowship Church is to be An Expanding Fellowship of Churches United to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ. You can read more about the Bible Fellowship Churches by visiting

Our Vision

The vision of the Camden Bible Fellowship Church is to be a Spiritual Hospital. We will provide a safe environment for spiritual healing and growth. We will encourage and train individuals to provide spiritual care for themselves and to others.

Articles of Faith

We believe the doctrines outlined in the 28 Articles of Faith of the Bible Fellowship Church are Biblical and they outline the beliefs of our church.  Though generally adopted in 1958, below is a revised edition as of 2008.

Article 1 – The Holy Scriptures
Article 2 – The Trinity
Article 3 – God The Father
Article 4 – God The Son
Article 5 – God the Holy Spirit
Article 6 – Creation
Article 7 – Satan
Article 8 – Man
Article 9 – Sin
Article 10 – Human Ability and Responsibility
Article 11 – Election
Article 12 – Salvation
Article 13 – Repentance
Article 14 – Regeneration
Article 15 – Justification
Article 16 – Sanctification
Article 17 – Perseverance of the Saints
Article 18 – The Church
Article 19 – The Evangelistic Mission of the Church
Article 20 – Ordinances
Article 21 – The Lord’s Day
Article 22 – Divine Healing
Article 23 – Civil Government
Article 24 – Resurrection
Article 25 – The Second Coming of Christ
Article 26 – The Judgments
Article 27 – The Millennium
Article 28 – The Eternal State

Biblical Principles for Living

The Bible Fellowship Church has assembled these helpful guidelines for believers desiring to serve Jesus Christ. We pray that it helps you to love the Lord “with all of your heart, all or your soul, all of your strength and all of your mind mind.”

Article 100-1 Preamble
Article 101-1 – Worship
Article 101-2 – Spirit World
Article 102-1 – Holiness
Article 102-2 – Justice
Article 102-3 – Mercy
Article 102-5 – Truth & Integrity
Article 103-1 – Humanity in God’s Image
Article 103-2 – Repentance & Restitution
Article 103-3 – Marriage & Singleness
Article 103-4 – Family
Article 103-5 – Divorce
Article 103-6 – Shared Life
Article 104-1 – Stewardship
Article 104-2 – Work & Rest
Article 104-3 – Civil Government
Article 104-4 – Christian Liberty & Servanthood

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  1. Paul Mulliins says:

    REFERENCE TO: “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. You have received freely, freely give.”[Mat 10:8]; “…heal the sick ….” [Luke 9:2, Luke 10]
    QUESTION: 1.)Why is there no mention of a ministry to deliver believers from sickness, disease, affliction and spiritual oppression, etc., in accordance with commandment set forth in Scripture? 2.)Why are ‘spiritual gifts’ to the believer and to the congregation not mention?

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