Articles of Faith

The Bible Fellowship Church has adopted this statement of faith and order to declare with clarity and precision its faith and testimony to the glory of God.

The Bible Fellowship Church acknowledges as its sole Head, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Savior of man.  It submits to the written Word of God and to the Holy Spirit as its only sources of guidance and power in maintaining its redemptive life and work in the world.

The Bible Fellowship Church has adopted this Faith & Order not in substitution for but in subordination to the Word of God.  These standards have been received as being based on the Scriptures; even the elements not drawn directly from the Word have been acknowledged as based on the general rules and tenor of the Word.  These standards seek to provide an effective means for the application of the teaching of the Scriptures to the faith, worship, government, and discipline of the church.  Although these standards have been acknowledged to be of lesser importance than the inspired words of the Scriptures, they cannot be neglected without resulting in serious impairment of the life of the church.

The Bible Fellowship Church acknowledges as brethren all those who share its confession of faith in the person and work Jesus Christ.  It confesses gladly the benefits of the historical and geographic breadth of this fellowship.  It acknowledges specifically the benefits derived from similar statements of faith and order devised at many times in the history of the church.  It seeks to respond to the responsibilities that these benefits bring by beseeching Almighty God to indwell it in such a way that it may by His grace bring glory to Himself and blessing to men.

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