Article 102-1 – Holiness

Biblical Principles for Living

102-1.1 God is holy.1 He is separate from and superior to all creation.2 He is absolutely pure and good.3 He cannot sin and hates sin.4 Because He is holy, He calls people to holiness.5

102-1.2 Holiness involves a setting apart, a dedicating or devoting, of someone or something for a special purpose.6 Believers are set apart for God and called saints, or holy ones.7 The Bible reveals the holiness of God and declares His standard for a holy life.8 God’s law teaches all people are sinners and His Spirit convicts of sin.9 All those who belong to God are, through the work of Christ, declared holy and are responsible to live holy lives.10 God’s purpose is that every believer through the experiences of this life be changed into the likeness of His Son.11

102-1.3 Sanctification, or holy living, is progressively realized by the power of the Holy Spirit.12 For Christians, there is to be a separation from all forms of evil, and a full surrender to the Lord.13 Believers should not participate in any group which demands behavior or an affirmation of beliefs that are opposed to our allegiance to Christ.14 They are not to continue any longer in the sinful ways of the world but should rather seek to have all thoughts and actions conformed to the revealed will of God.15 Sin’s control and its continued practice must cease.16

102-1.4 The church is also called to holiness.17 Believers are to encourage one another to live righteously,18 warn against the dangers of all sin,19 confess and repent of all individual and corporate sin,20 and submit to discipline as taught by the Lord.21 Christian leaders have a particular responsibility to set proper examples of holy living.22

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