Article 102-2 – Justice

Biblical Principles for Living

102-2.1 By nature God is morally perfect and righteous in every way. To say that God is just is to affirm the rightness of His law and His faithful and consistent adherence to that law in His judgments.1 Justice is the perfect application of His law in the lives of human beings. Both human law and the application of that law can distort God’s justice and therefore be sinful and produce sin. Sin causes human beings to enact and apply laws in ways that are unjust.2 Because God is just, He abhors the distortions of His law.3

102-2.2 In a world of sinful people, injustice results when human beings are judged by such things as color of skin, ethnicity, gender, age, social, economic and occupational status. To evaluate people based on such external characteristics is inconsistent with faith in Jesus Christ.4 Those who value people in this way are acting out of ungodly cultural biases and sinful pride.5 Injustice also results when persons allow their own sinful motivations, such as greed,6 jealousy,7 and envy,8 to shape their relationships with other people. In Jesus Christ such wicked and false distinctions or motivations are abolished.9

102-2.3 God’s love for humankind knows no racial, national, economic, age, or gender boundaries and God’s people must demonstrate this same impartial love.10 The proclamation of the gospel to every person regardless of location or status will be a matter of great priority among those who love justice.11

102-2.4 Those who value justice will seek consistent and upright applications of human law so that no one is denied due process because of sinful distinctions.12 Those who love justice will seek truth and act with integrity in all relationships.

102-2.5 The quest for justice in a world distorted by sin will often yield imperfect and incomplete results. The people of God who love justice will repent when they recognize their failure to do justice and will renew their efforts to bring justice to those who have been denied it.13

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