Article 102-3 – Mercy

Biblical Principles for Living

102-3.1 Mercy, the unmerited response to human need,1 finds its source and highest expression in God, in Whom justice and mercy meet in perfect harmony.2 Rather than overlook sin, God showed His mercy most clearly and fully by giving His beloved Son to die in our place.3

102-3.2 God the Father, demonstrated His mercy in providing salvation.4 God the Son, became the supreme example of that mercy in offering Himself for our sins.5 Jesus offered forgiveness to the sinner,6 acceptance to the rejected,7 healing to the afflicted,8 food to the hungry,9 comfort to the bereaved,10 and life to the dead.11

102-3.3 God’s intention is that mercy characterize His people.12 In extending mercy, we should pattern ourselves after our Head, Jesus Christ.13 The church and its individual members are called to a ministry of mercy-giving,14 which aids in our growth and assurance of salvation.15

102-3.4 Our ministry of mercy may be limited by our resources, our discernment, and the Word of God,16 but it must never be limited by our bias against any group or individual.17 In all humility, each congregation ought to search itself for the presence of any cultural arrogance, of social or racial prejudice, or of ungodly complacency, all of which will hinder the offering of mercy. In some cases a congregation will need to repent of its sinful attitudes.

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