What is Fellowship?

God created mankind for relationship.  When He formed Adam, He said to Himself  “it is not good for man to be alone.” So He created Eve, a suitable complementary helper to live life with Adam. Marriage and Family are the primary means to fellowship in life and they are the primary building blocks of civilization. However, family is not all the fellowship that is available. We all have friends at work, in the neighborhood, in hobbies and activities.  Above all these is the Church. We have a commonality within the Church that breaks down any barriers of race, language, culture, and interests.  A black Christian and white Christian have more in common than even a Christian husband and unbelieving wife. Christians are members of God’s household and have a common faith in the Savior Jesus Christ.

How We Fellowship

In some churches, people clock-in and clock-out but never say hello to anyone.  At Camden, it is rare to leave gatherings before spending at least a half-hour talking.  Sometimes we gab about the news, our families, work.  Sometimes we share our trials and temptations.  Sometimes it is deep, sometimes it is surface stuff.  All of it demonstrates the care for one another that goes on in the fellowship.  Are we the only church in the world like this?  No.  But if you are looking for a home… if you are looking for caring people… if you need someone to talk to… welcome home.


  • Morning Worship & Refreshments
  • Monthly Fellowship Lunch
  • New Years Eve Comedy Night

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