Why Do We Pray?

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Preached at the Sunday Morning service on January 7, 2011 by Pastor Ray Bertolet.
Part of the Miscellaneous series.

Would you walk up to a total stranger and begin sharing your most intimate details of your life? Would you ask them to help you with some critical issue you are currently dealing with today? I don't think that most people would even consider taking these actions. We would go to the one we trust, that one we knew who has the ability to help us. So let's ask this question, "Why do we pray?" What really is prayer?

Prayer: personal communication with God. Although this definition is broad it is critical when we consider prayer. We need to be going to God. We need to have a personal connection with Him.

There is a danger when we look at the Scriptures concerning prayer. Taking one verse and thinking it is the only thing needed when it comes to prayer is as dangerous as taking one ingredient (which we like) and putting took much in the recipe. Three times the amount of chocolate chips in a cookie does not mean you have a better cookie. So over the next few weeks I would like to put together some critical elements when we consider prayer.

Matt 6:9 Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. NASU

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2 Responses to Sermons

  1. Sandra Workman says:

    Pastor Ray – Harry and I just listened to your message. Again, very soul searching and thought provoking. I think of the Scripture passage that says “Examine yourself and see if your in the faith”. This is a daily walk – keep on being filled with the Spirit – confessing sin and renewing right fellowship with the Lord. Good exhortation! Blessings, H&S

  2. Donna Coverdale says:

    God wants us to Himself, with no idols before Him. This message helps us to realize how easy it is to become distracted from the things of the Lord in our daily lives.

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