Prayer for the Disciples

- Sermons - Easter

Preached at the Sunday Morning service on March 24, 2013 by Pastor Ray Bertolet.
Part of the Easter series.

Recently I read a book regarding the Normandy invasions in World War II. It focus on all the things that were done to prepare the solders for the upcoming battle. But when D-Day came there was no longer anytime to train. Generals could only worry whether all the preparations and plans would be enough. They didn’t even know what fully awaited them when they approached the shores, but the battle could not be delayed. Jesus prays for the disciples (and us) because he know that all the training time is over, the battle is set to begin and He knows that soon He will no longer be available to coach them. It also knows they will need to train those who will come after them. We need to be ready!

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2 Responses to Sermons

  1. Sandra Workman says:

    Pastor Ray – Harry and I just listened to your message. Again, very soul searching and thought provoking. I think of the Scripture passage that says “Examine yourself and see if your in the faith”. This is a daily walk – keep on being filled with the Spirit – confessing sin and renewing right fellowship with the Lord. Good exhortation! Blessings, H&S

  2. Donna Coverdale says:

    God wants us to Himself, with no idols before Him. This message helps us to realize how easy it is to become distracted from the things of the Lord in our daily lives.

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